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Revolutionising Missile, Aerospace and Defence Technology in Africa

Unparalleled precision, performance and lethality for African defence forces.

About us

TAB DYNAMICS Ltd. (formerly known as Thrust and Boom Systems Ltd.), is a missile, aerospace and defence engineering start-up. We focus on the design and manufacturing of rocket propulsion systems, warheads, guidance, navigation and control (GNC) computers and aerospace structures for tactical missiles, rockets and other defence applications in Nigeria and the wider African market. 


With a commitment to excellence and precision, we strive to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in the aerospace and defence sectors. At TAB DYNAMICS, we blend expertise with creativity to propel our partners towards success in their missions, ensuring safety, reliability, and performance every step of the way.

Vision and Mission Statement


We envision a region in which indigenous capabilities in missile, aerospace and defence design and manufacturing are at the forefront of global innovation. Our vision is to establish a world-class centre of excellence that fosters regional security, economic growth and technological self-reliance through the development of sophisticated, reliable, safe and cost-effective missile, aerospace and defence applications. 

Mission Statement

At TAB DYNAMICS, we are pioneering advanced and locally-driven missile and aerospace solutions in Africa; leveraging innovation, sustainable practices and regional expertise. Our mission is to contribute to the regions security and technological advancement by delivering affordable and cutting-edge missile systems and defence applications tailored to the unique needs of African defence forces

Research & Development Milestones

Our teams unwavering commitment to Research & Development has enabled us to meticulously engineer the most critical aspects of our missile and aerospace systems to the highest standards of precision and performance.

Missile Technology

At 80 percent completion of our pioneer 5th generation short to medium range surface-to-surface and low surface-to-air anti-tank missile (ATM) with fire and forget capability


Completion of Shaped Charge (High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT)) and Blast Fragmentation warhead technologies

Rocket Propulsion

Completion of boost and sustain solid rocket motor propulsion systems

Guidance, Navigation and Control

Completion of Guidance, Control and Navigation (GNC) algorithms (Software-in-the-Loop) for varying missile configurations

Our Team

Pioneering advanced,  affordable and locally-driven missile and aerospace solutions in Africa.

Providing the opportunity for African militaries to source highly efficient missiles and defence applications locally and more importantly, in quick timing and at more affordable rates.

Creating a unique market for growth, self-reliance and sustainability.

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